Types of Entertainers Available for Your Children

Childrens Party EntertainersTypes of Entertainers Available Children’s Parties

Many people in this day and age don’t make a big deal about children’s parties. There are those who say they should neither be seen nor heard, or the less extreme, “They’re just kids, they don’t anything fancy.” some even look down on those who do host extravagant events for their little ones saying the children are going to end up “spoiled” But the truth there are some parents that go over the top not to buy their children’s love or to keep them occupied while they do adult things, but just to see them smile. These parents DO make a big deal about their children’s parties as much as they would their own. Why? Because they love them.

For those parents there is actually a surprisingly large variety of options available when it comes to seeking help with planning and operations of their child’s upcoming extravaganza. This goes for entertainers as well. There are many types and they come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and what have you. So what are some good ideas for the entertainment at your child’s party? Let’s consider the possibilities.


Magic has never been restricted to the days of Merlin and King Arthur, it has always been around and always will, particularly in the imaginations of our children. What child doesn’t love a bit of magic. Card tricks, rabbits out of the hat, and many other slight of hand tricks that will your children and their friends gasping in wonder. Magicians are fun and their act goes beyond just a few tricks. Their shows are also interactive and come with many surprises, twists and turns. The right magician doesn’t just do tricks but also comes with a friendly demeanor and a great sense of humor.


Speaking of laughter, many children love clowns. Their funny, whacky, and out of this world and you never know what to expect. They’re so splendidly bizarre and just downright funny that most children will giggle at the mere sight of them. They can also used to provide party favors, maybe some balloon animals? Just make sure your child isn’t afraid of them.


Every little one loves a good puppet show. A beloved children’s story or even a unique and original one can come to life before their eyes. The many characters, sets, and the twists and turns in every story will keep them on the edge of their seats. Sometimes the puppets will interact with the kids, making it an even funner experience because they get to be part of the story. Plus the puppets feel more real when they know they can see and hear them, that’s what makes it better than just putting a movie and leaving them in a room for their brains to rot.

Costumed Characters

Costumes worn by entertainers may depict an animal mascot of some kind, or perhaps a famous character from a beloved children’s show, movie, or book. This is a way to bring that story to life and give them the opportunity (in their minds) to actually meet the characters they know and love. It could also provide them the opportunity’s to meet completely new characters altogether. They can interact with the kids, entertain them, and even put on a great show. You’d be surprised how an ordinary fellow can put on a costume and suddenly light up your child’s eyes and capture their imaginations.

These are just a few possibilities to bring a child’s celebration to life, and it will be something they might remember even into adulthood. At the end of the day that’s what it’s all about, the cherished memories you’ll share and the love you and your children will always have for one another.

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