When To Tell Your Children Santa Isn’t Real?

Hire a professional SantaWhen To Tell Your Children Santa Isn’t Real?

Do you remember when you were told? The answer is probably no. You most likely worked it out for yourself. The longer the pretence goes on, the more fun it is.
Remember growing up and maybe having siblings that went along with the story that Father Christmas would visit on the rooftop with his reindeers and come down the chimney to eat his cookies and milk, to then leave the presents that were written on your lists.

Remember the time of excitement of putting the plate out for Santa’s visit and going to sleep excited with your sack or stockings at the end of your bed or above your fireplace.

The excitement in the morning when you learn that Santa has been here and the presents have been left with “from Santa”.

This feeling of fun and excitement also comes from the parents of seeing all their hard work and secrecy coming to life. To lose this as your children grow older brings realisation of their growing independence and Christmas as you’ve always known to become less magical.

Therefore there’s never a good time to tell your children and most parents put off answering the big question. A lot of children find out for themselves either by Internet or playground gossip. But parents need to be prepared to be questioned and ensure any younger siblings are not exposed to the truth so the magic will not be spoilt for them.

Children from ages 10 and upwards will be inquisitive and will be afraid to not to believe in case no present will arrive. So for many years after the questions start, it can still persist even when they stop believing but not to 100% certainty.

They must be at an age where they can be trusted to carry the secret of Santa to younger children whether these are family members or friends and not spoil the joy of Christmas.

We all enjoyed believing and we must carry this forward for all to experience in their childhood.

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