Why you should use an agency to book Entertainment

using an entertainment agency

Why you should use an agency to book Entertainment

Why should you book entertainment for your events through am agency instead of contacting the artists directly?

If you want to ensure your event is the best it can possibly be, without the stress or panic that your event will look and turn out amazing and, most importantly, as enjoyable as possible, then you’re looking in the right place. There are countless reasons why agency is the right way to book entertainment, here’s why.

Entertainment Agency – We are experts in what we do!

We have the knowledge and experience to find the best possible entertainment for your event. We can recommend the perfect performers from the huge range we have on our books. If you have a theme or certain concept, we can consider your thoughts to ensure that you have a perfect act that will fit in perfectly with the occasion.

We have dependent relationships with entertainers that enables us to negotiate deals prices and better offers than regular buyers can acquire on their own.

We have over a thousand different performers of all kinds on our books, where as independently you would have trouble finding the right one for you.  From Face Painters to Stilt Walkers! Entertainment agencies have access to all sorts of weird and wonderful acts. It makes it easier for you and can use the facilities we have available to get you the act you need.

If an issue would occur it will be resolved instantly and would cause no stress for you, knowing we would fix it. You will have peace of mind for your event. Entertainment agencies deal with everything act related and that will save you a lot of time for other details for your event. You don’t have to stress over sorting out any problems, we take care of it all for you.

Our performers are reliable and experienced, we know from previous client’s feedback. We only select reliable and professional performers. By going through an entertainment agency, you can forget the sleepless nights and be comforted in the fact that we know what will be best for your event. You will not have to worry about checking their previous experience or looking at reviews because we have it all ready and available for you.

An entertainment agency will take your budget into consideration and ensure that we have a performer that is suited to your event and affordable. We can take all of the financial worries of organising your events entertainment and make it easy and care free for you.

As well as our awareness of the performers we provide, we have lots of experience when it comes to events and finding what’s right for them. We know how events operate and the tools you need to make everything run smoothly.

If you have no idea what you are looking for, we can help you make them crucial decisions, narrow down the perfect performer in a short matter of time and save you lots of time and work. We will choose the most suited and unique acts according to your available budget.

Acts can be hard to reach but with an agency it can be quick and easy to contact about any questions or concerns you may have. Entertainers can be extremely busy and are not constantly available to reply to messages. An entertainment agency is available to answer any questions that there are there to ask. The point of contact between clients and performers made more convenient. The company will handle many different acts for you.

Booking the right entertainment for your event can be tricky and stressful, but by using an entertainment agency you can let us take the worries of your shoulders. We are able to provide you with an act that will amaze your guests and leave you stunned and content. We will always make sure that the performer you choose in the end will be the perfect fit for your event.

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Halloween Party Ideas

Halloween Party Ideas

Halloween Party Ideas

Halloween is one of everyone’s favourite holidays.  Some of the best parties and most fun are Halloween ones.  When the festival is as big and fun as Halloween, the party if sure to be jammed with all that is creepy, mysterious and freaky. 

From hanging bats to grinning carved out pumpkins to welcome your guests, from a table laid out with outlandish invitations, a Halloween party should be meticulously designed and well thought-out to make sure you and your guests have a frightfully good time.  Now here are some party ideas to help get you started with your spooky party this Halloween:-

  • Monster Footprints. This is one of the most creative but seldom used Halloween party idea. Get a big sponge and use a marker to draw the outline of a foot. Use a scissor to cut away the extra sponge. Then get a large bowl (or similar) and fill with washable paint then use the sponge as a stamp to dot around paths and doors.
  • Ghosts. Crumple a large piece of tissue paper into a call. Lay out another large piece of tissue paper and place the crumpled ball in the middle. Twist the edges of the tissue paper around the ball. Tie a piece of string around the base of the crumpled ball to form the neck. Then use a marker to draw the ghosts face. You can then hang them in the trees and around your garden.
  • Different colour pumpkins. Use peppers the green ones of red ones to make your lanterns.
  • Body Parts. Use this great trick for a dimly lit room in your house or garden. Your friends and trick-or-treaters will be grossed out by a bowl of body parts. Fill the bowl with slimy hot dogs and cooked spaghetti. Through in some onions for eyeballs, then spread with strawberry jam.
  • Cobwebs. Make sur the room is dim. Cust some strings and stick them to the ceiling before your unsuspecting guests arrive. You can even wet some string with water and then when people walk in the strings will brush against their heads and give them a fright.

Hopefully these ideas will help your Halloween party be a memorable one.


Popular Birthday Party Themes

Childrens party themesPopular Birthday Party Themes

Are you bored of the same old birthday parties where a tired clown performs the same old routine? Then you should consider having a themed party that not only is drag and unique but something both the kids and parents will enjoy. These themes are very popular these days and preferred by boys and girls all ages.

Star Wars Theme

The Star Wars franchise has made a comeback with the sleuth of new movies. Children are very interested in light sabers and droids. Throw a Jedi party for the little ones with toy sabers, mini droids and rebel fighter-style decor. The spaceships and storm troopers will be part of the party regalia. You can hire someone to play Darth Vader, Yoda, Han Solo, Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia.

Disney’s Moana Theme

Because of the outstanding reviews and smashing box office results Disney’s Moana has created hype amongst little girls. A Moana themed birthday party is basically a Hawaiian theme with tropical and floral decor. Kids can also play games like Limbo and Piñata to go with the theme. The menu can include crab cakes and flower cookies amongst many other dishes. This theme can be a great hit with the parents as well since they can have tropical drinks and bring out their Hawaiian shirts.

Unicorns and Rainbows Theme

Unicorns and rainbows never go out of style and it’s a safe theme to pick for little girls. This bright and cheerful theme can make for a memorable birthday party. Everything can be magical and infused with glitter, from the food to the decor. Real live horses dressed as unicorns can be hired for riding seasons or a petting zoo. This theme will bring your daughter’s dreams to life.

Lego Theme

Lego has been a favorite you since ages but now it can be a birthday party theme as well. This includes having an entire Lego play area, new Lego movie screenings and also toys for the guests to take home. You can even get life sized Lego pieces to allow children to build a world of their own. This theme is perfect for both boys and girls because the Lego movie features female as well as male protagonists. Lego Batman and Lego Ninjago are two of the most famous Lego franchises which can be used to create an entire birthday party setup.

Envisage Entertainers UK can help organize birthday parties for children of all ages.

We take care of everything since we provide a wide range of services. You can use our services to hire a DJ or live musician for the party, hire clowns, magicians and other types of performers. We even offer cartoon and movie characters which are perfect for themed birthday parties.

Our years of experience in providing entertainment allow us to throw the party your child actually wants. You do not have to lift a finger. Call us now and discuss in detail the type of party you want to receive a quote.

Top 10 Children’s Party Themes

childrens party entertainersTop 10 Children’s Party Themes – By Maddie Janes

I’ll never forget the parties I had when I was younger.
The possibilities, endless and the excitement excruciating.
Some of my most memorable party themes have to be: The Princess party, Magic party, the classic Bouncy Castle and Under the Sea party.
As time’s gone on, there are new crazes that are the children’s party must-have.

So I thought I’d have a look and see what’s sure to be seen at every kids’ party (and what’s just plain fun) in kids’ birthday parties for 2017!

One of the fastest growing obsessions of the past year- Pokémon Go. A smartphone app that saw kids getting outside to catch wild and wonderful creatures. Pry the smartphone of your kids’ hands and throw them a birthday party that’ll make them realise they don’t need a mobile device to play. A Poke-tastic party is just what all the little gamers are after.

Emoji Party
The phone illustrations that have made the world go crazy! Forget an emoji pillow as a birthday present- throw your little guy or gal a party that’ll make everyone want to go completely emoji-mad.

An age-old toy favourite- after being made into two hit films, Lego is definitely a must-have party theme amongst young ones today. Easy to please any little one, building bright, fun figures with friends is sure to be one for the memory books.

Star Wars Rogue 1
Although the Star Wars franchise may be older than me, the force is still going strong thanks to Rogue One and its newest generation of rebel fighters. Young jedis will love to have a Rogue One themed party.

A box office sensation thanks to it’s great reviews and booming numbers at cinemas around the country- Disney’s Moana is making the rounds on the birthday circuit this year. With its tropical, floral colours and Hawaiian setting a Moana party is a gorgeous one!

When I was younger trolls were just little fuzzy toys and now the small mythological, colourful creatures with crazy hair are everywhere, thanks to the new DreamWorks movie. These imaginative characters’ love singing, dancing, hugging, and cupcakes. Everything about Trolls sounds like a party to me!

In rainy England, a rainbow party is just what you need to cheer up children. Easy to plan and execute! This colourful theme is full of fun decorative items — like paper lanterns and a mouthwatering rainbow confetti cake which is set to make this party extra exciting.

Reptile and Amphibian 
A classic but a goodie- bring all the creepy crawlies to you and your kiddos. From snakes to frogs, transport the amazon jungle to you. This theme is not one for the faint hearted.

Pastel Unicorns
You can’t miss the pastel unicorn craze swarming everywhere right now. From clothes to food, pastel unicorns and their glittery trail are sure to be sprinkled into your little one’s party plan. I mean who doesn’t love unicorns?

Messy Arts Party
I used to love putting on an apron and letting my inner Picasso run wild- and it seems kids today feel just the same. So, ditch the nice clothes and get messy!

Hire an Entertainer or Costume Performer for your Children’s Party! 

Whether it’s a Face Painter for your Rainbow or Arts themed party, a Balloon Modeler for your Reptile or Emoji party or a Costume Character for your Moana, Trolls, Lego or Star Wars party, Envisage Entertainers will take the time to understand your exact requirements, do all the leg work and reservations and you can relax in the knowledge that all is taken care of.  To get a quote or to discuss your childrens party requirements click here to contact us!


When To Tell Your Children Santa Isn’t Real?

Hire a professional SantaWhen To Tell Your Children Santa Isn’t Real?

Do you remember when you were told? The answer is probably no. You most likely worked it out for yourself. The longer the pretence goes on, the more fun it is.
Remember growing up and maybe having siblings that went along with the story that Father Christmas would visit on the rooftop with his reindeers and come down the chimney to eat his cookies and milk, to then leave the presents that were written on your lists.

Remember the time of excitement of putting the plate out for Santa’s visit and going to sleep excited with your sack or stockings at the end of your bed or above your fireplace.

The excitement in the morning when you learn that Santa has been here and the presents have been left with “from Santa”.

This feeling of fun and excitement also comes from the parents of seeing all their hard work and secrecy coming to life. To lose this as your children grow older brings realisation of their growing independence and Christmas as you’ve always known to become less magical.

Therefore there’s never a good time to tell your children and most parents put off answering the big question. A lot of children find out for themselves either by Internet or playground gossip. But parents need to be prepared to be questioned and ensure any younger siblings are not exposed to the truth so the magic will not be spoilt for them.

Children from ages 10 and upwards will be inquisitive and will be afraid to not to believe in case no present will arrive. So for many years after the questions start, it can still persist even when they stop believing but not to 100% certainty.

They must be at an age where they can be trusted to carry the secret of Santa to younger children whether these are family members or friends and not spoil the joy of Christmas.

We all enjoyed believing and we must carry this forward for all to experience in their childhood.

Hire A Professional Santa

For those children who still believe why not make Christmas extra special and hire a professional Father Christmas. If you would like a quote then complete the form below:-

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Hire Entertainers For Halloween Paties & Events!

Halloween performers for partiesHire Entertainers For Halloween Paties & Events!

What is Halloween?

Halloween is celebrated by people in other countries, not just England. For the majority of us it is a fun time to get dressed up for parties and some trick or treating for some sweets, carving pumpkins, lighting bonfires, apple bobbing, playing pranks, visiting haunted attractions, and watching horror films. For some it’s a time for witches, ghosts and goblins, a ghastly and demonically inspired night that should be avoided.

The word Halloween is comes from the term, “All Hallows Eve,” which happened on October 31st. “All Saints Day” or “All Hallows Day” was the day after, November 1st. which makes Halloween is the eve of All Saints Day.

Stilt Walkers

If you are looking to spook up your Halloween event with some magical stilt walkers or fire breathers, congratulations, you have visited the right place.
We have been providing experienced stilt walkers for over 5 years offering a perfect opportunity to create a visual and entertainment impact to events and with our full time stilt walkers owning a variety of bone chilling outfits to suit your Halloween event perfectly, we can be sure to impress you and your guests to make your Halloween event just that bit more fang-tastic.

Fire Breathers

Along with our stilt walkers, we have been providing the ‘wow’ factor to events with our talented fire breathers who can blow you away with their skills to light up your Halloween bonfire event. What a great way to amaze your guests with a bit more fire at your All Hallows Eve party.
Our entertainers are professionals who take fire breathing seriously and have been doing this for years. They are dedicated and skilled in making sure that everything goes smoothly.

Face Painters

Stuck for ways to keep children entertained while they wait to head off trick or treating? We might have the best idea for it, face painters with a BOO-tiful twist. We have supplied professional face painters for many Halloween parties and events which has never failed to provide that extra bit of excitement for the children.
Our Halloween face painters not only guarantees you a fabulous painter but also gives you the high quality, reliable service that sets us apart in the entertainment industry.

Book A Halloween Performer Now!

To enquire about booking our fabulous Halloween stilt walkers, fire breathers or face painters simply complete our online quote enquiry form or if you would prefer to chat call us on 0844 800 0071. Carve out some good times, Happy Halloween.

christmas-light-switch-on-performersPerformers to Make Your Christmas Shine – Professionals To Switch On Your Lights!

That time of year is coming around once again, unfortunately whether we are ready for it or not. The sun sets earlier and the climate slowly approaches its colder temperatures. Once the falling leaves are replaced by falling snow you’ll know that means one thing, Christmas is coming! We have just a couple of months until that magical time begins. More and more people will begin switching on their Christmas lights, and holiday event organisers may be caught by surprise. It’s time to start booking entertainers in advance, lest they should fall into hosting a dull celebration.

The best way to bring this magical Christmas season to life, why not trying hiring some real life Christmas characters to walk about, or even organise them into a Christmas parade if it suits. Musical acts are also a great build up as everyone anticipates the arrival of the Christmas tunes to capture the imaginations of those from every age group.

There are endless possibilities for this year. You can bring the Christmas magic to life with live performers, quite literally break out the Christmas magic with magicians that will awe, amaze, and bring smiles to brighten the event.

Father Christmas could also arrive to bring gifts for all the children (and us grown ups too, to awaken the inner child) let’s not forget his many helpers from the elves to all his friends. We provide performers to play many Christmas characters coming fully costumed and alive with the holiday spirit!

We even provide musical tribute acts and presenters to switch the lights on to dazzle the crowd. Don’t go half this Christmas season but go all out. We can help you get it done with performers that can boast years of experience, but even more importantly, passion for the Christmas season!

Christmas is a time of giving and a time to spend with those we love the most. Bringing the holidays to life this year will help you make it a memorable season for everyone who come to visit. Why not make this year a Christmas for everyone to remember?

Types of Entertainers Available for Your Children

Childrens Party EntertainersTypes of Entertainers Available Children’s Parties

Many people in this day and age don’t make a big deal about children’s parties. There are those who say they should neither be seen nor heard, or the less extreme, “They’re just kids, they don’t anything fancy.” some even look down on those who do host extravagant events for their little ones saying the children are going to end up “spoiled” But the truth there are some parents that go over the top not to buy their children’s love or to keep them occupied while they do adult things, but just to see them smile. These parents DO make a big deal about their children’s parties as much as they would their own. Why? Because they love them.

For those parents there is actually a surprisingly large variety of options available when it comes to seeking help with planning and operations of their child’s upcoming extravaganza. This goes for entertainers as well. There are many types and they come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and what have you. So what are some good ideas for the entertainment at your child’s party? Let’s consider the possibilities.


Magic has never been restricted to the days of Merlin and King Arthur, it has always been around and always will, particularly in the imaginations of our children. What child doesn’t love a bit of magic. Card tricks, rabbits out of the hat, and many other slight of hand tricks that will your children and their friends gasping in wonder. Magicians are fun and their act goes beyond just a few tricks. Their shows are also interactive and come with many surprises, twists and turns. The right magician doesn’t just do tricks but also comes with a friendly demeanor and a great sense of humor.


Speaking of laughter, many children love clowns. Their funny, whacky, and out of this world and you never know what to expect. They’re so splendidly bizarre and just downright funny that most children will giggle at the mere sight of them. They can also used to provide party favors, maybe some balloon animals? Just make sure your child isn’t afraid of them.


Every little one loves a good puppet show. A beloved children’s story or even a unique and original one can come to life before their eyes. The many characters, sets, and the twists and turns in every story will keep them on the edge of their seats. Sometimes the puppets will interact with the kids, making it an even funner experience because they get to be part of the story. Plus the puppets feel more real when they know they can see and hear them, that’s what makes it better than just putting a movie and leaving them in a room for their brains to rot.

Costumed Characters

Costumes worn by entertainers may depict an animal mascot of some kind, or perhaps a famous character from a beloved children’s show, movie, or book. This is a way to bring that story to life and give them the opportunity (in their minds) to actually meet the characters they know and love. It could also provide them the opportunity’s to meet completely new characters altogether. They can interact with the kids, entertain them, and even put on a great show. You’d be surprised how an ordinary fellow can put on a costume and suddenly light up your child’s eyes and capture their imaginations.

These are just a few possibilities to bring a child’s celebration to life, and it will be something they might remember even into adulthood. At the end of the day that’s what it’s all about, the cherished memories you’ll share and the love you and your children will always have for one another.

Britains Got Talent dog row ERUPTS

Britains Got Talent dog row ERUPTS as more than 200 complaints overnight about Jules and Matisse ‘stunt con’.

More than 200 viewers have complained about a lookalike dog being used for the high-rope walk in the BGT final.

Stilt Walkers For Corporate Promotions

Stilt Walkers For Corporate Promotions

Stilt walkers offer a fantastic opportunity to produce a focal point at corporate events that leave a lasting effect. If you decide that you would like to hire a stilt performer your next decision will be what you want them to be doing, and what type of stilt walker you would like Envisage Entertainers to provide you!
When you’re looking for performers for a special occasion, a wide range of choices are available offering a choice of high quality costumes, experienced and professional entertainers to provide a stilt walker act for almost any special event or occasion. Whether you are looking for stilt performers to act as meet and greet staff, hostess, entertainers or simply pose for pictures we have a good selection of performers that offer a diverse choice of costumes and themes.

What is a Stilt Performer?

A Stilt Walker is an experienced and professional entertainer. The art of stilt walking dates back to the 16th century in ancient Greece. Throughout history stilt walkers have been used as entrainment whether it be through fighting, juggling or other performance .

In its most simple form a stilts are poles, posts or pillars that allow a person to be elevated by strapping the devices to the persons leg.

Stilt Walkers Entertainment Agency

Whether you are searching for a celebrated, interactive or modern themed stilt walker you will find they are all fantastic entertainment acts for a variety of events such as town celebrations, village fairs, summer balls, product launches, charity events, carnivals, music festivals, promotions, and numerous other corporate and private events.
To find out more call us on 0844 800 0071 or click here to send us your stilt walker requirements where a friendly member of Envisage Entertainers can assist you and answer any questions you may have.

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