Fire Performers UK Wide

fire performers for hireWe have fire performers from one person who can meet your guests on arrival or encourage people into your club or a group of performers who can choreograph a whole routine with a group of fire dancers or grinders.

Our fire performers can fire eat, fire spin, twirl, fire dance and fire grind.  They really get the crowd going which will get everyone in a great mood.

Fire Performers to Light up Your Next Party or Event!

There are many competing options out there when it comes to livening up a party for just about any occasion. Whether it’s for a holiday, a special event, or a personal party, you’ll want to carefully consider your entertainment options. Of course there’s music and other feat performers, but there is one option that might stick out than others. If you really want to leave an impression on the guests you should consider a performance they’ll never forget. Ignite the excitement your party deserves with professional fire performers.

We can swallow all caution and provide a fire eater whose feats and talents will have their guests on the edge of their feet for the entire performance. If that feels a bit cliché however there’s much more you can do with fire than stuff it down your throat. We have professional fire throwers trained to juggle and throw their flames that will bring gasps in awe and roaring applause at the end of every daring performance. Other fire entertainers might provide something a little less static by performing dances and graceful sweeps and spins in the air. Everyone likes to play with fire sometimes, but these adventurous entertainers do it for a living and they do it better than anyone else. They will create a night to remember for you and all your guests and you’ll be sure to be the talk of the town long after.

Some of our services include :-

– Fire poi spinners and fire dancers
– Fire eaters and fire breathers
– Fire jugglers
– Fire shows for weddings, night clubs and corporate events

While we don’t recommend trying any of their daring exercises at home, you can rest assured that your location is 100% safe too. Our entertainers are professionals and they’ve been doing this for years. They are dedicated and skilled in making sure that everything goes smoothly. That means everyone has a flaming good time and nobody gets hurt.

Rates are very reasonable too. Although they’re not dirt cheap, you don’t have to be a millionaire to afford the services of a great fire performer. So take a glance and see what’s available so you can make your party an explosive event. With our many available services the guests will be coming and droves and the sparks will be flying at your next big get-together. So why not indulge the inner pyromaniac in everyone and light up the extravaganza with some flame handlers?

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